• Apple Debuts Three Additional Apple Watch Ads

    Apple recently debuted three more Apple Watch ads titled “Up”, “Us”, and “Rise” and all three focus on the wearable device in everyday situations. When Apple CEO Tim Cook first revealed the device, he talked about it being a device that helps consumers with time, health and fitness, as well as intimate communication. The Cupertino-based company’s focus of the smartwatch has been to spotlight humanity as opposed to the product itself.

    “Up” showcases Apple Watch users using the device’s health and fitness features. People are shown doing different activities from taking the train to more extensive activities like lifting weights and hiking. The use of Maps, run tracking, guided workouts and more are all shown in this ad.

    The second ad “Us” shows the more personal side of things like human relationships and interactions, whether it be friendships or relationships. Features like sending heart beats, animated emojis, and drawn pictures are showcased in the ad. This advertisement focused more on human interactions.

    Finally “Rise” focuses on various ways a person’s morning goes and how the device comes in handy with starting the day. Different features like seeing incoming messages, using it at an airport, using it as an alarm clock, and other scenarios are showcased in this ad.

    All three end with the slogan “the Watch is here” and then the Apple Watch logo. Click the source link below to view the three new Apple ads. How do you like your smartwatch since receiving it? Was it what you expected plus more? Share with us in the comments below.

    Source: YouTube via Apple
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