• Apple Rumored to be Purposely Delaying Tidal App Updates to Help Beats Music Relaunch

    According to a recent report, Apple may intentionally be slowing the release of updates to Tidal’s iOS app in an effort to weaken the music service ahead of an impending Beats Music relaunch. Sources in the music industry noted to the New York Post that while Tidal has fallen out of the top 700 iPhone apps in the App Store, only weeks after its March 30 relaunch, positioning is affected by the number of downloads. Apple “deliberately took a long time to approve Tidal iOS app updates” which led to what was deemed to be slower uptake. The sources added the following regarding the matter:

    Tidal had a new app on Android on April 15, but still hasn't received approval for Apple's iOS app store.
    Another source for the New York Post stated that the vice president of iTunes Content, Robert Kondrk, recently told executives at the Universal Music Group that artists won’t be featured on the iTunes Store if they put out exclusives on Tidal. Although this type of policy is common in the music industry, Apple has allegedly gone to extra lengths to interfere with the matter. The example given in the report was Rihanna, whose song “American Oxygen” premiered on Tidal. The debut appeared to go smoothly but the same source with information on the Universal talks claimed that the songs were “scrambled” and “out of commission for periods of time” on iTunes. On the other hand, an Apple spokesperson told the Post that the charges about Rihanna’s catalog weren’t true.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Apple is rumored to be working on not only revamping but rebranding Beats music in an attempt to compete against on-demand music streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify and Rdio. The company could announce a relaunch at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference which is set to begin on June 8.

    Tidal is a music streaming service that promises higher-quality audio than more services along with an increased pay to participating artists. The service which has been bought by rapper Jay-Z is backed by high profile artists such as Beyonce, Madonna, Daft Punk and Jack White. Due to its position in the iOS App Store, critics are claiming that Tidal has already bombed. Jay-Z recently took to Twitter to defend the service stating that it is doing “just fine” with over 770,000 subscriptions. He continued by stating that neither the iTunes Store nor Spotify were immediately successful in the industry, indicating that each took time to grow.

    How do you feel about Tidal? Do you use it or have you considered using it?

    Source: iTunes (Tidal), The New York Post
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    1. rickuk's Avatar
      rickuk -
      I thought Google was meant to be the evil one, not our beloved Apple
    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      Tidal's PR felt really insulting, trying to be for the artist when it's just a bunch of millionaires wiping their tears with hundreds. I can't believe it has 770,000 subscribers already. Still holding back app updates is childish, even if I am against Tidal.
    1. unison999's Avatar
      unison999 -
      Don't care for Tidal.
      Not everything Jay-Z touches turn into gold, not sure why all this pressure is on him to be successful.
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