• Authenticity of Apple Watch Sapphire Crystal Display Proven in New Test

    There has apparently been some doubt that Apple is using true sapphire crystal in their Apple Watch displays due to the unusual shape of the Apple Watch's face. Sapphire crystal is a big deal because it's the second hardest transparent substance known to man, right behind diamond, so its durability is known and true.

    A new video has surfaced on YouTube by Unbox Therapy that tests the Apple Watch's sapphire crystal display to see if it is actually made from real sapphire crystal. The test takes not only the Apple Watch into consideration, but also a mechanical watch known to have a sapphire crystal display, as well as Apple's Ion-X glass display, the iPhone 6 display, and an LG G Watch R. This diversity of different glass screens and covers gives the test somewhat of a comparison between products and a gives the tester a baseline.

    Used in the testing process is a diamond tester, which uses an electric current to determine if a diamond, or in this case a sapphire crystal display, is actually a real one or a fake. This is because diamond and sapphire crystal are actually very conductive materials, while basic glass like what is found on the Apple Watch Sport and iPhone 6, are not.

    You can watch the video below:

    As it would appear, Apple is without a doubt using the high-quality products advertised for the display. The Apple Watch (and the Apple Watch Edition) undoubtedly use a true sapphire crystal display. It is evident that the tester is not fazed by the iPhone 6 display, Apple Watch Sport's Ion-X glass display, and LG G Watch R display, but does have a reading when coming from the sapphire crystal Apple Watch display and the sapphire crystal display from the mechanical watch.

    If you had any doubt that you were getting what you thought you were getting, you now have the peace of mind knowing that you are getting a true sapphire crystal display that will fare excellently against scratching throughout the life of the Apple Watch.

    Sources: YouTube
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