• Ten Handy Tips and Tricks for Using Your New Apple Watch

    So many of you just got your Apple Watch in the mail, whether it's a stainless steel model or a Sport, or even an Edition, and you might be blown away by the new and completely unfamiliar interface. In this post, we'll go over ten handy tips and tricks that you can perform on your new Apple Watch.

    Even if you're still waiting on yours to come in the mail, read on so you can become familiar with these handy tips and tricks before your Apple Watch even comes. This way, you'll be ready.

    1. How to Take a Screenshot

    Although the Apple Watch doesn't have a Home Button and Power button anymore, it does have a side button and a digital crown. Taking a screenshot is very easy. You can just press in both the side button and the digital crown simultaneously and a screenshot will be saved to the Camera Roll on your iPhone, just like any other screenshot taken on your iPhone would be.

    2. How to Enter Power Reserve Mode

    When your battery gets low, you might get tempted to use less power so your Apple Watch doesn't die. On the iPhone, you used to have to turn on airplane mode, turn down your display brightness, turn off your vibrator and ringer, and all sorts of trouble just to conserve power, but the Apple Watch makes it easy. When you enter your glances by swiping up from the bottom of the display, you'll find a glance with your battery information; it has a nifty button called "Power Reserve" that you can tap on to enter power reserve mode.

    In this mode, your Apple Watch won't do anything except for show you the time. It's not the best-looking way to see the time, but it can help save a lot of battery life in a pinch when you're away from a charger.

    3. How to Adjust the Power of the Haptic Alerts

    If you find that the haptic alerts that are intended to tap on your wrist when you have a notification are either too weak or too strong, you can open the Settings application from the Apple Watch Home Screen and go to "Sounds & Haptics." From here, you can scroll down with the digital crown and you'll find an adjuster for adjusting how light or hard the haptic alerts will be on your wrist when you get a notification. The further right the slider is, the harder the tap will be, while the further left the slider is, the lighter the tap will be.

    4. How to Power Off Your Apple Watch

    When you want to power down your Apple Watch when you're not using it, you can just press and hold the side button next to the digital crown. When you do, a power-down menu similar to the one shown on the iPhone will appear. You can then choose to slide the "Power Off" slider, the "Power Reserve" slider, or the "Lock Device" slider. Sliding the Power Off slider will turn the Apple Watch completely off for you.

    5. How to Enable Do Not Disturb on Your Apple Watch

    At times, you might be in the middle of class or in a meeting and don't want to have loud notification sounds or haptic feedback hindering your ability to pay attention. Fortunately, Apple Watch integrates nicely with the iOS Do Not Disturb system. To enable Do Not Disturb mode on your Apple Watch, you can either enable Do Not Disturb on your iPhone, or you can go into the Settings application from the Apple Watch Home Screen and visit the "Do Not Disturb" pane. From here, you will find a toggle switch where you can enable or disable Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch manually. Now, you won't receive notifications until you turn Do Not Disturb off again, which is just the peace and quiet you might need sometimes for a device that is strapped right to your wrist.

    6. How to Change Your Apple Watch's Watch Face

    The Apple Watch comes with a variety of watch faces to choose from. To change your watch face to something you like, you can press down on the display with some force to activate the Force Touch gesture of the Apple Watch while you're looking at your current watch face and you'll launch a watch face selection interface where you can swipe left and right between the offerings of watch faces. Just tap on one to set it and you're done.

    7. How to Customize the Information on Your Watch Face

    Apple offers a surprising amount of customization for the type of information that appears on your Apple Watch's watch face. To edit the information that is displayed on the watch face, you can enter the watch face selection interface by using the Force Touch gesture described in the previous tip, and then you can tap on the "Customize" button under the watch face. From here, you can choose what is displayed on your watch face.

    To edit the information shown, tap on a section and use the digital crown to scroll through the various kinds of information that can be displayed there. The types of information that Apple Watch offers include:

    • World Clock Time (Digital)
    • Battery level
    • Stopwatch
    • Timer
    • Alarms
    • Activity Levels
    • Temperature Outside
    • Time of Sunrise and Sunset
    • Moon Phase
    • Calendar Events
    • Date
    • Empty

    You can press on the digital crown after you're done to save your changes and then tap on the watch face from the watch face selection interface to return to your own watch face.

    8. How to Change the Apple Watch Orientation

    Every once in a while, you might want to switch things up, or if you are left-handed and accidentally set the device up as right-handed or vice-versa, then the ability to change the orientation of the Apple Watch and its digital crown might be helpful to you. Doing this is very simple to do just open the Settings application from the Apple Watch Home Screen and visit the "General > Orientation" preferences pane. Here, you can choose whether the Apple Watch goes on your right wrist or left wrist, as well as what side of the device the crown will be facing; left or right.

    9. How to Use Your Apple Watch as an iPhone Camera Remote

    You can also use your Apple Watch as a Camera remote for your iPhone. With this, you can set your iPhone up somewhere with a tripod or some other creative form of standing the device up, and then you can walk away and take a remote-controlled photograph with your Apple Watch.

    To do this, just launch the Camera application on your Apple Watch and the Camera application should, in turn, launch automatically on your iPhone too. You can then tap on the shutter button from your Apple Watch to take a picture, or tap on the timer button to take a picture on a timer so you're not caught fiddling with your Apple Watch while you pose in the photograph.

    10. How to Find Your Lost iPhone

    If you can't find your iPhone for whatever reason, whether it slipped between the cushions of the sofa, or you forgot where you left it, your Apple Watch has a handy feature that lets you ping it so you can find it audibly. To access this feature, you simply swipe up from the bottom of the display to find your Glances, then swipe over to the utility Glace and tap on the bottom button (the largest one) and you will hear a very loud sound emitted from your iPhone. You'll never have problems finding your iPhone again with this feature paired with Find My iPhone on your computer!

    Also check out our tips and tricks for preserving battery life on your Apple Watch at this link.

    Stay tuned for more handy Apple Watch tips and tricks only on ModMyi.com!
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      Very helpful
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      Another tip... I found you don't have to go down all the way to dismiss or clear a notification, just slide to the left to clear it once you see that notification, including e-mail notifications.
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