• Longitude Keeps You Connected to Google Latitude: RealTime GPS Tracking

    What is Google Latitude?
    Google Latitude is a location-aware mobile app currently available as a WebApp only. A Mobile Phone user can use Google Latitude to allow specific people access to their current location via Google Maps. Privacy controls are available for the users to select whether contacts can see their exact location, enter an address manually, or turn it off all together. In order to use this service, a user must load the webapp every time they want to update their location via Safari or another mobile based browser.

    What Does Longitude Do and Why Should I Use It?
    Longitude is an App developed by Technivations, designed to work along side Google Latitude, that provides a more logical way of using Google Latitude. Longitude provides the ability to automatically update Google Latitude with your iPhone's location on a set interval. Your Google information is sent securely, and will NOT be sent to any third party servers. The program runs in the background, so as usual, this app is only available to Jailbroken users.

    This feature is only available with Longitude. Currently in order for Google Latitude to update your location, you need to remember to open Safari, pop in the address, wait for it to connect and update, etc. This tweak offers a solution provided nowhere else. Just make sure you don't invite anyone to view your location that you don't really want to know where you are!

    Features include:
    - Auto Update your location via GPS to Google Lattitude
    - Share your location with friends via Lattitude
    - Find your iPhone if it gets lost!
    - Login securely using Google Account info
    The app is available for $1.99 on the RockApp Store

    UPDATE: Will be released on Cydia sometime next week.

    Official Website: Longitude by Technivations

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