• Apple Engaged in an Effort to Bring Content from Twitter to Apple's Spotlight Search

    The relationship between Apple and Twitter continues to strengthen as the two companies are reportedly engaged in an effort to bring content from the social media network to Apple’s spotlight search engine. **** Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, recently revealed the expanded tie-up during the social network’s quarterly earnings call this past week. His comments regarding the matter were noted by the folks over at Macworld, though he did decline to provide additional details.

    As of right now, both OS X and iOS are currently providing system-level Twitter account management, which among other things, lets users grant and revoke account access for apps via System Preferences. Users will also be given the option to tweet directly from OS X’s Notification Center or via the iOS and OS X share sheets along with the ability to search for tweets.

    For those of you who didn’t already know, the Cupertino California tech giant has had a longstanding relationship with Twitter, which was the first social network to be integrated into Apple’s mobile and desktop operating systems. Several rumors over the years have pegged Twitter as a likely acquisition for Apple. Although the Cupertino California company hasn’t made the acquisition just yet, the company did pick up Twitter analytics firm, Topsy in 2013. The acquisition was one of note as the company was one of the few that had access to Twitter’s “firehose,” which is the relatime stream of every tweet on the social network. This acquisition was likely what helped form the basis of the new Spotlight functionality that was revealed this past week by Costolo.

    We’ll have to wait for more details to be revealed to learn more about the feature and its functionality.

    Source: Macworld
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