• Another Possible Bidder for Time Warner and its Not Apple

    Last month when word came that Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable was all but dead in the water, a handful of rumors -- all unsubstantiated, of course -- surfaced suggesting that Apple may be interested in buying the cable giant. The reason? It could be exactly what Apple TV needs to really compete.

    But it doesn't look like Apple is going that route. But someone else already is, says the Wall Street Journal.

    According to published reports this morning, sources close to Charter Communications say execs at the company are now in contact with officials at Time Warner Cable to talk about a possible deal -- a merger that would be similar to what Comcast was trying to accomplish.

    Charter, if you're not familiar, is the fourth-largest cable operator in the nation. And it has expressed the desire to expand and takeover fellow cable providers before, including TWC.

    We're told meetings and discussions will continue today and throughout the week. In short, a plan is in the works and more details could be known soon.

    Source: WSJ
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