• Apple Stops Signing iPhone OS 3.1.2

    Okay folks. We said it a few days ago. And we're going to say it again. It's quite clear that iPhone OS 3.1.3 is nothing but trouble. We saw a release of a new redsn0w that allowed 3.1.3 but it is NOT recommended. Even from the Dev Team. It's for experimental purposes only!

    To top it all off, BigBoss is reporting that Apple has stopped signing the iPhone OS 3.1.2 firmware, meaning that you can no longer use iTunes to install a custom firmware of 3.1.2. This also means that if your on 3.1.3 you cannot downgrade, but if you've been following along, you should know that already. YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE! If you've saved your SHSH's on Cydia or Rock, you may be in luck for downgrading, but its not guaranteed to even work.

    Now from what I understand, even if you have not upgraded to 3.1.3, if you haven't saved your SHSH's with Cydia or Rock, if fails or something goes wrong with your phone causing you to need to restore, you will NOT be able to install your Custom 3.1.2 firmware. I reapeat, AS OF RIGHT NOW, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO INSTALL STOCK FIRMWARE FOR 3.1.2 THROUGH ITUNES! No matter if your on 3.1.3 or 3.1.2 or lower.

    This information seems to be highly aimed towards the new iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. From the sounds of things, the iPhone 3G and 2G are in the clear. How that works, I have no idea, the information is very vague at this point.

    If anyone can shed some light on how this works, and how iTunes can magically stop signing firmware (I was unware it even signed anything when installing custom firmware... if this is all the problem was, why didnt Apple do this a long time ago?), or maybe some motivated hacker will find a way to trick iTunes into signing a package that will let you install a custom firmware other than 3.1.3.

    All in all, this appears to be a big attack by Apple on the Jailbreakers out there. Is this just the beginning of their crackdown on Jailbreaking? I sure hope not. Jailbreaking has brought their products to new levels. In my opinion they need to secretly let jailbreakers do their thing, as it really only benefits their products and store.

    News of this comes from BigBoss, but I gotta say, there isn't much solid information there.
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