• Apple Reportedly Wants to Augment Sci-Fi, Horror Content Offerings

    From ebooks and movies to TV programs and digital publications, Apple is reportedly eager to expand its digital content offerings in the increasingly lucrative sci-fi and horror categories.

    Apple's biggest competitor in this regard? Amazon. Just last month, the publisher of "The Exorcism of Baby Michael" -- one of the hottest horror eBooks in the digital world today -- was released as a Kindle exclusive, meaning there will be no distribution through iTunes of this read-hot title among horror fans.

    It's a phenomenon that continues with countless new books and independent films among other forms of digital content. And with Apple losing ground to other providers of sci-fi/horror materials, we're told that Apple will be making this content genre a higher priority as it looks to secure content deals with a variety of companies for a variety of content offerings.

    Apple, we've heard, is just as interested in augmenting its sci-fi/horror content on Apple TV as it is for iTunes. But as of this writing. there are no leads on upcoming channels that may be added to the set-top box lineup to reflect this desire.

    Stay tuned.
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