• Apple at the Top of Top U.S. Corporate Cash Holdings

    Perhaps you've heard by now. Apple has got some serious cash. And the pile is only getting seriously bigger.

    Apple ended 2014 with a staggering $178 billion in cash reserves, which is better than 10% of "all the cash held by U.S. corporates at year-end," according to Moody’s Investors Service.

    This morning, the folks at Moody's published a new report that puts into perspective just how enormous Apple's cash reserves now are. Suffice to say, Apple has been the top U.S. corporate cash holder for the past four years.

    Microsoft took second place, followed by Google, Pfizer, and Cisco, which collectively held $439 billion in cash... Overall, U.S. non-financial companies held $1.73 trillion in cash, 4% higher than the previous year.
    “Apple’s $178 billion is greater than the aggregate cash of every industry sector excluding technology and health care/pharmaceuticals,” the study summary reads.

    Source: MarketWatch
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