• SEGA Pulling the Plug on Some Older iOS Games

    All good things must come to an end -- including access on iOS to some older and, dare we say, classic SEGA games.

    In an announcement on the official company website today, SEGA said the time has come to retire some games that no longer represent the best of SEGA.

    "It is with our fansí best playing experience in mind that we announce the removal of a number of games from our back catalogue," the gaming giant that first rose to global prominence in the 1980's announced today.

    No specific titles were announced but we're told that some older games will be yanked from both Apple Store and Google Play.

    "If you have already purchased a game that is being removed from the store you will be able to continue to play it after itís been taken down," the post concludes. "It will remain in your purchased apps where you will be able to download it again if you delete it or acquire a new device until the game becomes incompatible with the latest phone operating systems or hardware."

    Source: SEGA
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    1. jordbrett's Avatar
      jordbrett -
      Boooooo! They better be releasing newer versions. Most of the Sega games on the AppStore were classics. Hopefully it's just the old incompatible games.
    1. CZroe's Avatar
      CZroe -
      I'm still mad that I paid $10 for Sega's Super Monkey Ball when the App Store first launched and it eventually became "SMB Lite" as if I had the free version of a paid app. It was one of the games Apple first demonstrated on the iPhone 3G with the App Store (original iPhone had no App Store until iPhone 3G launched).
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