• Musclenerd Reveals iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreak

    These days, the jailbreaks are coming fast and furious.

    The iPhone dev has an exploit that apparently works like a charm for iPhone OS 4.0. Musclenerd (of iPhone Dev Team) has just released a new YouTube video revealing a jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0 with VNC server App. Unfortunately, the vid is brief and reveals nothing about the actual jailbreak. Obviously, we can only assess that the iPhone OS 4.0 is jailbroken because the VNC server doesn't come with stock iPhone 04 4.0 firmware.


    Sadly, just as we have to wait for the new iPhone hardware, the iPhone Dev Team similarly won't reveal the iPhone OS 4.0 Jailbreak solution until Apple rolls out the new iPhone later this summer.

    If it seems that new Apple releases are getting hacked faster and faster, you would be right. On April 4th, the day after the iPad's release, MMI reported that MuscleNerd had already gained root access to the iPad using using Spirit, comex's jailbreak solution. He was able to install non-approved applications, not mentioned run them simultaneously - kind of like the multitasking capabilities that Apple has now officially sanctioned.

    Apple will release (the jailbreakable) iPhone OS 4 this summer for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. For iPad owners, however, the OS get the red carpet roll out until this fall. But the excitement surrounding the jailbreak potential of the OS is, indeed, palpable within the jailbreak community. And, consequently, it will be an exciting year for us all.

    Image via Musclenerd
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