• Rdio to Launch $3.99 Monthly Tier Before Apple's Revamped Music Streaming Service

    Apple’s upcoming revamped streaming service has been talk of the Internet recently, as WWDC 2016 is when the Cupertino-based company is expected to roll out the new service. However, new reports from BuzzFeed News noted that Rdio is looking to roll out a new service for $3.99. The new service will be called Rdio Select and will most likely have limited content, given the low price point. The company is definitely trying to compete with Beats Music and launch it before Apple’s new revamped music system.

    Rdio Select will apparently have two different components and will work as follows; one will be a radio station service much like iTunes Radio and the other will be their daily access to a total of 25 songs of your liking. $3.99/month will give users ad-free listening and skip as many songs and as many times as they’d like. As for the daily access of 25 songs, a total of 25 songs can be downloaded a day but only 25 will be allowed in your library at a time. This means that users will have to pick and choose wisely which songs they want to keep and which ones they would delete.

    Rdio CEO Anthony Bay told BuzzFeed News that 25 songs is more than enough as it is more than what most people download in a day. According to Bay,

    25 songs is more than most users download in a day, so we feel it’s enough. It allows us to license the product in a way that we can keep the price at $4 a month without losing money.
    Source: BuzzFeed News
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