• Apple May Buy ARM for an Arm and a Leg

    Apple may purchase ARM.

    Yeah, I had to take a good look at that headline too when it was just emblazoned across the London Evening Standard. And, today, as the blogosphere catches wind if what could be a major development, many are weighing in - often with some disbelief - on the prospect of Apple scooping up the prestigious processor designer.

    According to the London Evening Standard, Apple may have to cough up as much as $8 billion dollars to acquire ARM. Yes, yes... Apple has the money. But Apple only has roughly $40 billion in cash laying around. On a percentage basis, that's a mighty hefty chunk of change even for a corporate giant like Apple.

    If Apple purchases ARM, the move would be significant and the ramifications would be felt throughout the entire tech world. Given that ARM chips are as commonplace in mobile gadgets as potato chips are in the snack food aisle, Apple would have in its fold a major player that everyone worth anything in the mobile realm has a relationship with. Blackberries, Sony PSPs, Microsoft phones, Android phones - they all use ARM chips. And if Apple seizes ARM, it could be a "game changer" for real.

    Of course, just as Google has its hands full with the acquisition of AdMob, so too would Apple if such an acquisition or merger were to ultimately transpire. Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Perhaps. But there's lots of heat on this rumor and sources in the know claim they won't be too surprised in Apple announces a deal with ARM in the very near future.
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