• Wireless iTunes Sync App Submitted to Apple

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ7xn86Zwyo&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Wi-Fi Sync: Wirelessly sync your iPhone with iTunes[/ame]

    A new App Store submission, Wi-Fi Sync, promises to let you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your iTunes library without the need to use a physical cable. And while we don't know if this app will face the banhammer for "duplicating existing iPhone functionality" as other apps have in the past, it's definitely a feature that some users will really be attracted to, and given increasing laxity in recent weeks at the App Store, there's a possibility this one may get through.

    Developer Greg Hughes came up with a tidy little hack allowing iTunes and a mobile device to link up wirelessly, and he's showing it off on YouTube, possibly to build a little buzz for the app and hopefully put some pressure on Apple to approve his submission. All we know about the app is what's in the video: you "pair" your desktop and the iPhone/iPad/iPod and it appears on your iTunes sidebar. After the pairing process is done the first time, syncing can happen automagically thereafter.

    Wi-Fi Sync is simple and straightforward, and should have been built into the iPhone from the start… which prompts the question: why wasn't it? I mean, it's possible that Apple thought that nobody would want such a feature, given that syncing even a small library over WiFi will just crawl compared to USB. However, flexibility should be the watchword, and it'd be worth having to option of syncing my iphone from, say, the bedside cradle rather than coming downstairs and waiting for it to transfer.

    Of course, there's a good possibility Apple will reject this right out of hand. However, now that formerly rejected apps are available for the iPhone, it could be that the reviewers are becoming less strict. And while Wi-Fi Sync does certainly do something that's a part of the iPhone's core feature set - namely, syncing with iTunes - the ability to do it without a physical connection should be a significant enough improvement to allow the app.

    If not… well, we'll see this one on Cydia for sure, and it'll be yet another boost from Cupertino to the jailbreaking community. Go Apple.
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