• Android on the iPhone 3G - Progress Report

    planetbeing recently let us know he had Android dual booting on the iPhone 2G (the original). He has now posted a picture showing progress on the 3G. The image shows an iPhone 3G booting into a BusyBox / Buildroot shell, and shows WiFi working.

    BusyBox is a tiny binary which combines small optimized versions of many common UNIX utilities into one package, which let's the developer interact with the device without having a full GUI environment operating.

    He's able to talk to the baseband, although only through the debugging channel at the moment. This means calls can be made.

    The to-do list is small now:
    I'd still like to get the WM8991 codec working for it in openiboot (shouldn't be much trouble since there's a datasheet), just so we can iron out any quirks before testing it inside the kernel. We also need a new multi-touch driver (they've upgraded from Zephyr to Zephyr2). After that, we'll have a working port of Android.
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