• Apple Devices Rejoice! Facebook Gets HTML5 Video Playback Support

    It was a stealthy, barely noticed move. But it certainly is a monumental development, particularly for the millions of iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners perpetually confounded and frustrated by the inability to watch the videos posted to Facebook that used to be played solely in Flash.

    It looks like those days are over, as folks are beginning to report a strange and much-welcome phenomenon this morning.

    It turns out Facebook is ditching the Flash-centric model of video support and running with open arms to HTML5 video playback support, which is now in place on the mega-social networking website. As a result, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad junkies can now check out videos that turn up in friends' newsfeeds. No more absent plug-in graphic.

    Of course, the move hasn't been without an occasional bump, as some iPhone users, for example, report being able to watch the vids in the news-feed but not on the actual profile page of the individual who posted the clip. Nonetheless, the step made by Facebook in this new direction is significant and represents yet another industry shift in favor of Apple's staunch anti-Flash attitude and business model.

    While most Facebook fanatics will likely be elated by the transition of the social networking giant into HTML5 support territory, Flash fans, on the other hand, will all but certainly take this move as yet another major slap in the face to Adobe and its quickly-eroding support base.

    Image via MacStories
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