• Spotify Announces Major Improvements for its Mobile App, Including New 'Now' Page

    Despite all the pressures that Spotify has been facing from Apple and other streaming services to drop its free-tier listening service, Spotify has far from dropped the ball. Spotify, in fact, has been working on various new features for its mobile application and streaming services so that users can enjoy a wide variety of new options and features to make listening to music and other entertainment better than ever.

    On Wednesday, the entertainment streaming company announced a new mobile application that includes a page known as "Now" where users can get music recommendations based on the tastes of what they listen to during their daily life. If you're the kind to be in a productive mood during the week, but more relaxed on the weekends, then the "Now" page will learn that over time and provide you with tailored custom song recommendations to help you discover new music and artists that are related to what you love the most.

    Moreover, Spotify is joining the fitness game. Spotify will now work with you when you're outside running and will match the tempo of your running workout to various forms of music that match your tempo. If you're going fast, then Spotify will play some fast songs to help keep you in the fast mood and pace; moreover, if you're going slower, then Spotify will play some slower songs.

    That's not all.

    Spotify is also joining the video and audio show industry. Not only can you listen to music with Spotify, but you'll also have the ability to watch videos and listen to audio shows and podcasts. Spotify takes note of what you watch or listen to the most so it can recommend other things you might like based on what your history says your tastes are. Spotify also supports News stations, and a variety of other original content that you can listen to on the go.

    To learn more about what Spotify is adding to its user experience, you can read the entire post on the Spotify Blog at this link.

    Spotify is a free download for your iOS devices in the App Store a this link.

    Sources: Spotify
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    1. therandy's Avatar
      therandy -
      You can enable these features now as a beta in the settings of the app. Tells you the standard "may have bugs and crashes" but I haven't experienced any yet. App looks way better now with a cleaner interface and the settings is easier to access. It's not behind 3-4 taps, it's one tap and then right there on the bottom. Me likey!

      Not sure if it's just for premium users as a beta. Can anyone with a free account confirm?
    1. Werty12's Avatar
      Werty12 -
      I'm a premium user too. So far so good. Just wish that huge shuffle play button would go away.
    1. wiipro's Avatar
      wiipro -
      Well, here are some screens:

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