• Russia to be One of the First Countries Apple Releases its Streaming Music Service In

    Russia is said to be one of the first companies to host Apple’s upcoming on-demand music streaming service which is currently rumored to be announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference next month. The folks over at Billboard are claiming that Apple is currently in talks with record labels about the prospect, with cited sources from several major Russian labels.

    The Cupertino California company already operates the iTunes Stores in Russia but will have to take a further step to expand license to cover on-demand streaming in the country. None of the publications who provided information regarding the matter offered any new details regarding the new service such as the launch, the name, or even the features.

    Recent rumors are suggesting that it might be called “Apple Music” and offer features such as an artist-only social network. Speculation is pointing towards the service making its debut on June 8 at the conference while launching as part of iOS 8.4 (which is already in beta).

    The folks over at Billboard pointed out that Russia in particular could be a difficult market for Apple especially after Spotify, which is one of Apple’s primary rivals, cancelled a launch in Russia purely due to the country’s crippled economy and new laws which are meant to keep data under the supervision of the Russian government. Furthermore, local streaming music services in the country such as Yandex and Zvooq along with other major competitors such as Google Play Music already occupy much of the space. To make things even more of an uphill battle, Apple hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to its streaming content. Services such as iTunes Radio continue to play a very small role in the worldwide market despite being integrated into iOS.

    We’ll have to wait and see what Apple ends up doing and if they do launch the service in Russia, how the company executes its plan to succeed.

    Source: Billboard via Vedomosti
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    1. Jahooba's Avatar
      Jahooba -
      Vladimir Putin is destroying the Russian economy with his tough-guy political act on the world stage. Turns out Russia does not really produce anything other than oil and the mining of natural resources. This means America can ramp up their mining and oil operations (or otherwise cheapen their value) and collapse the Russian economy. Putin is dead-set on invading Crimea and Ukraine in order to win political points, meanwhile forcing America to sanction and hurt the Russian economy.

      I don't know, man - America is in bed with China and Russia and at the same time we're also kind of at war with them. In that bed Apple is a soft, fluffy pillow, playing all sides for the fools they are. That's what I like about capitalism - it doesn't care about politics, it only cares about what works. Government is the opposite. Two sides of the same (oppressive) coin, perhaps.

      My inner revolutionary is really coming out recently, I'm not sure why. Maybe because the more I learn about this world the less it makes sense and the more I feel taken advantage of for anothers' personal gain. I guess it's not my job or place to worry about worldly issues, but it is my job to vote for the people whose job it is to fix worldly problems - and lately they're not really doing their jobs very well. *Sigh*
    1. ZiMoTiK's Avatar
      ZiMoTiK -
      why ppl are so brainwashed??? stop watching zomby-tv, stop listening zomby radios... noone invaded Crimea, we voted for Russia, and will do it again if needed. its our home, ready history... not propaganda that you hear on history channel. and just information: Russian troops were in Crimea since XVIII Century, and only from july 1942 till 1944 there were no Russian soldiers (WWII germans took over Crimea);
    1. StuG III's Avatar
      StuG III -
      Music piracy is massive in Russia. they don't care about streaming at all when any song you ever heard of is at your fingertips already.
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