• Sidestep Data Caps With Onavo

    Data caps are the bane of every power internet user's existence. Every mobile telecom provider, sans Sprint, has instituted caps marking the death of the "Unlimited" data plan. Even T-Mobile's "Unlimited" plan throttles down your connection after you exceed 5GB in downloads for the month.

    Onavo, an application for iPhone and iPad users, stiff drink users need to numb the data cap pain. Onavo claims it can double or triple your data plan by compressing the data you use while perusing the web or using apps.

    What the app does is rather simple. Once the app is installed downloads are automatically rerouted through Onavo's cloud-based servers, and then compressed before sending it to your device. The app does not compress video or any data originating on your device (aka uploads). The obvious concession to this system is the rerouting of information through Onavo's servers does add a little time to your downloads.

    However, for viewing pictures and other media-laden websites the compressing of data decreases file size and thereby download times, especially for users in 2G or low coverage areas. The app adds a few utilities to the mix as well, allowing users to see how much data they use and even breaks it down app by app, allowing users to see which apps are data hungry.

    Privacy concerned users may be wary of this service though. While Onavo claims it does not touch information sent through HTTPS, or that they don't hold on information longer than necessary, all non-encrypted data is visible to Onavo. But, this information is visible to your mobile provider too.

    Download here.

    Source: Onavo
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