• New iPhone to Drop Sooner Than Planned?

    Apple may release its new iPhone ahead of schedule because of the publicity surrounding the revealed iPhone prototype in Gizmodo, according to a prominent Apple analyst. According to a report in Cult of Mac. Gene Munster of investment firm Piper Jaffray told his clients in an email today that the leak was going to take a bite out of Apple's profits, as users decide to hold off on iPhone purchases and wait for the new model.

    "Its safe to say, more people are now waiting for the new one, which is a negative for June iPhone sales, Munster's email read. Historically, every year after the time that a new iPhone is announced, sales of existing iPhones plummet. Because the official announcement usually comes very close to the release date (and because only people who read tech blogs and industry publications are paying attention to the months of speculation that happens every year), the dip in sales is usually more than made up for by skyrocketing demand for the new model. This year, the next-generation iPhone already a sure thing, but with months to go before the release, the loss of profits could be more severe. As a result, Gene Munster "believe[s] they may come out with a new model sooner versus later, he wrote.

    Our friends across the pond at iPhonesreview.co.uk are already wondering if Apple will make Gawker pay the price for their lost sales... ouch.
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