• Steve Jobs Confirmed For "All Things Digital"

    Confirmation has finally come to a recent rumor that Apple chief Steve Jobs would be in attendance for the Wall Street Journal's yearly "All Things Digital" conference, which will begin its eighth annual festivities on June 1st. As it stands, Steve Jobs will participate in an opening night interview at the conference that spans three days and will also feature heavyweights like Steve Ballmer, James Cameron, and Mark Zuckerberg.

    Historically, Steve Jobs' appearances at "All Things Digital" have proven memorable and particularly telling, especially considering how unusually forthcoming Steve Jobs has proven himself to be at this high profile tech event. After all, the joint appearance by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 in 2007 is still talked about today. Fanfare and media exposure aside, Steve Jobs has - on several occasions - used the platform at "All Things Digital" to provide valuable insight into Apple products, aspirations, and business theory. Upon news of his
    confirmed appearance this June, many tech pundits began speculating that Steve Jobs is ready and willing to talk about the next iPhone and will probably do so in great detail at the conference.

    That, of course, is yet to be seen. Jobs, however, will all but certainly be poked and prodded in an interview setting opposite one or both of the event's co-hosts - WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg and BoomTown's Kara Swisher. On the agenda, conceivably, for the conference will be the introduction of the iPad, increased competition in the mobile realm, and the next big thing - or things - in store from Cupertino.

    You can already tell that tech bloggers are getting excited about Steve Jobs' appearance because there's no telling what interesting comments or revelations could emerge from the interview. In the past, Jobs has been a veritable one-man highlight reel. And few expect "All Things Digital" to be anything different this year.

    Image via All Things Digital
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