• Gizmodo May File Suit Over iPhone Police Raid

    If you thought the drama was over once deputies from the San Mateo County Sheriff's office obtained a search warrant last weekend to raid the home of Gizmodo's Jason Chen, think again. It seems the fallout from iPhone-gate is spreading faster than ash from that volcano in Iceland.

    Today, legal representatives for Gizmodo - and by legal representatives, I mean a high-paid lawyers ready to sue the pants off somebody - are suggesting that Gizmodo may potentially file suit against the San Mateo County sheriff's office in response to the raid of Chen's home on Friday evening. Authorities, as we all know, continue investigating how the hijacked new iPhone model became the center of a very public media firestorm.

    Thomas R. Burke, an attorney specializing in media law at the offices of Davis Wright Tremaine, told CNET this morning that the search and seizure at Jason Chen's home did not reflect the "appropriate method" for authorities to embrace in this situation. In a nutshell, Burke used a whole lot of legalese to state what we've already heard from other critics of the raid - that the controversial search warrant "violated a journalist shield law designed to limit searches of newsrooms."

    San Mateo County prosecutors, however, have acknowledged that they were well aware of the aforementioned "shield law" before the raid was launched. In fact, authorities behind the search and seizure claim to have carefully weighed all options and thoroughly thought through the appropriateness and legality of the raid before it was undertaken.

    Something tells me this story is about to get a lot more interesting... and uglier.

    Image via scrapetv
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