• Snapchat CEO Mentions Scrapping Hold-to-View UI to Comply with Apple Watch Guidelines

    Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel recently said that the messaging firm is tossing around the idea of scrapping its familiar hold-to-view user interface as he spoke at Re/code’s Code Conference. This change in particular could help pave the way for an Apple Watch app version that would be a big move for Snapchat as well. When asked about the possibility of a Snapchat app for the Apple Watch, Spiegel mentioned that he considered developing a lightweight version for launch alongside the device but decided to hold off on development instead.

    Spiegel claimed the following regarding the matter:

    It has to be a totally unique experience.
    As many of you may have already guessed, for Snapchat, which has seen an explosion in video content consumption, having an Apple Watch-ready app is far from a simple straightforward solution. Aside from the various video streaming restrictions, the user interface isn’t well suited for small-screened devices either. With its iPhone app, Snapchat photos and videos are viewable only while a user is touching the screen, a method that wouldn’t translate well for the Apple Watch.

    Because of these very restrictions, Spiegel hinted at replacing Snapchat’s tap-and-hold UI or scrapping it altogether. He said the following regarding the matter:

    I think, for us, it's holding us back from longer videos being watched on our service.
    With an increasing shift towards video, as of right now, Snapchat may not make it to the Apple Watch anytime soon. Furthermore, the app isn’t the only one holding off on Apple Watch app development. Facebook appears to be waiting to release a made-for-Watch app as well. On the other hand, apps like Instagram who made its Apple Watch app debut are already bogged down by several usability issues and weak feature sets.

    We’ll have to wait and see what Snapchat and these other app giants decide to do when it comes to development for the Apple Watch.

    Source: Re/Code
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