• Tidal Receives New Features Ahead of Revamped Beats Music Service Unveiling

    Tidal, Jay Zís recently launched music service received a big update recently with some major features. A week before Apple unveils its new Beats streaming service at WWDC, the popular rapper released a $4.99 student pricing, a desktop app beta for Windows and Mac, and Ticketmaster integration for his new streaming service. With three new major features, we wonder if Apple plans on adding some new things to their revamped service.

    The desktop app for both Windows and Mac was only arriving in beta in the meantime. Tidalís Ticketmaster integration involved being able to purchase tickets and view tour dates. They also noted that users would have access to exclusive giveaways, deals, and presales on tickets. Lastly, the $4.99 student pricing was probably the biggest news from the music streaming company. Those with an .edu email address would qualify for student pricing.

    Original pricing for Tidal was $9.99 a month, but students would only have to pay $4.99 a month, which was 50% off. Tidalís $20 a month package was also offering a student discount, as they would only have to pay $10 a month. This is major news as just recently, rumors circulated claiming that Apple would not be discounting any pricing for the revamped Beats music service, even though many were looking forward to it.

    The latest new features would be available in the next few weeks, so definitely be on the lookout for it. Do you think you would subscribe to Tidal or are you still waiting for Apple to launch their service first? Share with us in the section below.

    Source: The Verge
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