• Report: Apple May Mitigate its App Store Subscription Cut

    In an effort to attract more digital content and please its publishers, Apple is reportedly considering a move that would see the tech giant reducing its cut of sales on subscriptions secured through the App Store.

    As we know, Apple currently claims 30% of sales, but The Financial Times suggests that Apple may take less when it comes to video, news apps, and music content. This, however, doesn't impact ordinary App Store app sales.

    For years, publishers and subscription service providers have balked at the hefty percentage cut Apple takes for merely offering content they didn't create in their App Store. But with 30% emerging as the new industry standard for subscription/sales fees, Apple has gotten away with it.

    With the company wanting to bulk up its business in the realm of digital downloads and streaming content, the decision to reduce its cut of proceeds could go a long way to attract more content, lower prices for consumers, and make more content providers eager to work with Apple.

    For now, of course, this isn't something that Apple has confirmed to be in the works. But the idea is floating around and being considered very seriously at Apple, we're told.

    Source: The Financial Times
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