• Simplified: Here's a List of the Biggest New Features & Improvements in Watch OS 2

    The Apple Watch is about to receive its first major update since the produce launch in April of this year. Apple just announced the Apple Watch about six months ago and Watch OS 2 is going to completely change the user experience of the Apple Watch, as Apple demonstrated at WWDC 2015 on Monday.

    Watch OS 2 brings the Apple Watch up to the stringent demands of users by giving the Apple Watch features that make it more independent from the iPhone and improve its capabilities.

    As we're sure you want a simplified digest of the features (TL;DR), we've composed a list of all of the greatest new features you can expect from Watch OS 2 that Apple has publicized:

    New Features in Watch OS 2:

    1. All-new Watch Faces to personalize your Apple Watch Face experience even further with images from your Camera Roll or Time Lapse videos from all around the world
    2. Support for third-party Watch Face Complications, allowing you to view information from your third-party Apple Watch applications right from your Apple Watch's Watch Face
    3. All-new Time Travel feature lets you see events in the future or past by scrolling up or down on the digital crown from the Watch Face, such as seeing the weather conditions over the next few hours or minutes, or viewing your schedule for later in the day
    4. All-new nightstand mode makes the Apple Watch an active nightstand all night long when it's being charged, so it can act as an alarm clock
    5. Support for native third-party applications allows developers to write applications specifically for the Apple Watch so that the Apple Watch processes its own information instead of loading on the iPhone, which improves speed and independence
    6. An improved Mail application that lets you reply to your e-mails right from your Apple Watch instead of just reading them
    7. Improved friend screens let you have more than one friend screen so that if you have more than one screen lets you fit, they aren't left out
    8. New colors and tools for sending people sketches
    9. An improved Maps application with support for transit and walking directions
    10. Improved Apple Pay adds support for more credit cards/debit cards, as well as in-store loyalty cards
    11. Improved Siri gets smarter with the ability to perform more actions and understand what you're trying to dictate better
    12. Activation Lock for the Apple Watch protects your Apple Watch from theft by requiring your Apple ID to use it
    13. New APIs allow developers to take advantage of various parts of the Apple Watch for third-party application data, such as the accelerometer, digital crown, microphone, and external speaker
    14. You can now watch videos on your Apple Watch, listen to music on your Apple Watch, and more

    Improvements to Watch OS That Aren't Really New 'Features'

    1. Speed bumps and Wi-Fi improvements make the Apple Watch faster and more independent from your iPhone than before

    Watch OS 2 is currently in its first developer beta, but it will be available to the general public starting this Fall. Watch OS 2 works on all available Apple Watch models. Compatible wearables include:

    • Apple Watch Sport 38mm
    • Apple Watch Sport 42mm
    • Apple Watch 38mm
    • Apple Watch 42mm
    • Apple Watch Edition 38mm
    • Apple Watch Edition 42mm

    You can watch our video overview of these new features compliments of iPhone Captain below:

    For recaps on what's new in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan, you can follow the following links to find out more:

    Sources: Apple
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