• Weekly App Update: May 7th, 2010

    Alright guys, here's a dose of new apps and updates this week for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. With the Spirit jailbreak being released over the weekend, there are lots of updates to cover for this week. As time progresses, we should see more Cydia/Rock apps being updated to work with the iPad. There seems to be a lot of updates today as well, so I'll update this list if anything pops in.

    One of my favorite updates in all of this is the fact that Winterboard is now somewhat supported on the iPad. It has "Summerboard Support" which means you get your basics, like Icons and wallpapers, although not all of them will show up right. A lot of the themes will need some tweaking before they are 100% again.

    For a list of compatible JB iPad Apps check out this list.

    New iPad Apps:


    While I have yet to really need more than 9 tabs open in Safari, this tool might come in handy for a few of you web browsing fanatics.

    From the developer of Music Controls comes Tab+, a free utility which enables you to have more than 9 tabs on your iPad. It also works on iPhone and iPod to increase your tab limit.


    Rich Hong has created an Dashboard app identical to the one found inside Mac OS X, which was rejected from the App Store and is now available to the jailbroken community. You are given the ability to add widgets, basic ones really, but they work exactly the same way. While it's not exactly the most speedy app, it is pretty damn cool, especially for those Mac Enthusiasts.

    New Apps

    iShare allows to freely send and receive files to and from your iPhone/iPod through the sendspace service.

    While not a completely new app, this version is a complete rewrite of iShare which was once available for older iPhone firmwares.

    This app is fairly straight forward. Upon launching this app, an email will pop up with your ECID inside. Send it to whomever you wish.

    App Updates

    The Icon select screen has now been reworked to prevent an crashing. Icons are now grouped into folders. You select a folder and only view the icons from the selected set. Rather than viewing 500 icons, you only see the few at a time in the series you select.

    There have been a ton of updates to SBSettings over the last few days, with the addition of the iPad now. It's now working at a very acceptable state, and some new features and updates have been added. The SBSettings window will now rotate the window if using a rotated app or sin the springboard. Once the SBSettings window is present it will not rotate. Rotation can be disabled in the More options inside SBSettings.

    iPad crashes have been fixed, as well as the glitchy iPad reboot problem, which is now fully corrected. They have aslo added a switch in "more app" to enable the IP Address in the statusbar. To save battery these IP updates are NOT instant.

    Note: there are iPad 3g issues in some of the toggles. Sorry, but my iPad 3g is not yet arrived so I cannot fix these until it does. These things include data toggle not working (use phone toggle for now). Statusbar IP address always seems to take the data IP. Again will have to sort this out when I get an iPad 3g.
    Just a Minor Update for Backgrounder: Prevents Backgrounder from being loaded into non-UIKit apps.Note: This works on the iPad

    Five Icon Dock
    No information provided for changes.

    I'm excited to say there are some updates to Winterboard allowing for some parts of themes to actually work now. Winterboard now has a new iPad PrefrenceLoader and now includes Summerboard suppert (Icons, Wallpaper, etc)

    This player app now supports the iPad. yxflash is video player that supports High quality Xvid/Divx, Flash Video, and WMV playback.

    Another simple update that adds iPad Support.

    Undocumented changes

    This update brings fixes for some some race condition crashes and also improves icon refresh logic.

    Firewall IP
    Lots of updates for this app. Updates include Port Blocking, Session control, Improted Lists, and various system improvements, including a switch over to Regex which should offer a faster and better experience.

    With this most recent update, Circuitous now supports all orientations of the device. You will also be able to select what the "default" apps are to hide and even set the amount of time that is required for an icon to be held before it starts to move.

    SBManager, a handy tool for quick access to commands such as respring, restart, etc. This has now been updated to work with the iPad as well as a few crash fixes.
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