• PlayStation Vue Releases Live TV Subscriptions for the iPad

    Sony recently launched its PlayStation Vue TV service for the iPad, allowing the company to increase the number of TV subscription services available on Apple products. The news comes as Apple’s own rumored service continued to remain in the shadows. The Vue iPad app currently offers live and on-demand access to shows, movies and sports.

    As of right now, both shows and channels can be marked as favorites and tagging a show will keep the most recently saved content in cloud storage for up to 28 days. That being said, there are several limitation with the main one being locations. Vue is currently only available in Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia. Furthermore the iPad app requires that users already have a subscription attached to a PlayStation 3 or 4. To make matters even more complicated, though Vue includes access to over 50 channels, some of the shows and networks are blocked on the iPad due to licensing issues.

    For those of you who didn’t know, Vue first launched in March between $50 and $70 a month depending on the channel bundle. Currently, its biggest rival is Dish’s Sling TV, which starts at $20 and is offered across the US and on more platforms, but offers a similar variety of default channels.

    Apple has been rumored to be releasing its own subscription TV service for quite some time and at one point was expected to be unveiling it or at least mentioning it at the WWDC keynote. The announcement though seems to have been delayed as rumors are saying that content providers are still disagreeing over pricing rights and backend technology issues. It could also be that postponing the introduction of a new Apple TV set-top box has also pushed back the TV service as Apple may want to introduce the two together. Ultimately we’ll just have to wait and see though.

    Source: iTunes
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