• Did AT&T 'Screw' Verizon Out of the iPhone for 2010?

    For the last six months, we've been hammered with a seemingly incessant barrage of stories about the iPhone coming to the Verizon network in 2010. As of today, however, it now appears that this dream held by many will not become a reality - at least not during the envisioned 2010 time frame. But it no longer appears that the prospect of a Verizon iPhone was just talk. In fact, sources are reporting that the iPhone almost found a home on Verizon this year.

    Then came the iPad.

    According to Wall Street analyst Brian Marshall, AT&T likely worked out a "stellar deal" with Apple over the iPad in order to secure an extension to their iPhone exclusivity pact. And, somewhere in the shuffle, Apple's (rumored) ongoing talks with Verizon stalled. In return for a relatively inexpensive slate of iPad data plans through AT&T, Apple may - as some speculate - have agreed to a six month extension of the iPhone's exclusivity agreement.

    As a result, if the iPhone is ever to call the Verizon Wireless network home, it won't - or can't - happen until well into 2011. And, apparently, it's a deal Apple was happy to make in exchange for AT&T's well received data plans: a $15/month plan for 250MB of data and an unlimited plan for $30/month. Best of all for AT&T, however, is that the carrier can keep the iPhone all to itself as the 4th generation iPhone rolls out this summer and likely becomes the hottest smartphone of 2010.

    So did Verizon get "screwed" out of a deal with Apple - one that was apparently close to a done deal - by the last minute angling of AT&T over the iPad? No one knows but the powers that be for sure. But don't expect to see the iPhone on Verizon until, at earliest, the first quarter of 2011.
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