• 4th Gen iPhone Parts in the Wild

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRTE0cQywgE&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - iPhone 4G LCD, Digitizer + Metal Middle Plate Assembly[/ame]

    A video is making the rounds this weekend purporting to show parts for the new iPhone, including the LCD display, the digitizer and the metal middle plate assembly. Posted by a smartphone repair shop in South Carolina, the video shows parts that look identical to the iPhone that Gizmodo bought last month, indicating that the device is very likely being ramped up for mass production... or that we've got some seriously OCD counterfeiters out there.

    SmartPhone Medic of Columbia, South Carolina gained some attention back in March when they showed off what they claimed was the LCD screen and digitizer assembly for the as-yet-unreleased fourth-generation iPhone. They declined to explain where they had gotten the parts from, but like many repair shops they likely have product sources in China. Those parts bore a strong resemblance to the phone shown by Gizmodo as well.

    As we get closer to the expected announcement of the iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month, pictures and more details about the device are filtering out. An LCD screen was also shown on the Italian site iSpazio last week. According to the accompanying post, the pictures had come from someone at "a very important repair company" who wished to be known only as "Giuseppe."
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