• Parrot Updates its iOS-Controlled Mini-Drone Lineup

    Parrot recently announced several changes to its mini-drone lineup, showcasing updated jumping bots, flying drones and even going as far as revealing its first water drone.

    Originally spotted by French website, Stuffi, the two aerial models are known as the Airborne Cargo and Airborne Night. Both have autopilot options and bottom-mounted cameras that capture low-resolution VGA photos up to an included 1 GB memory card. It should be noted that the units have a top speed of 11 miles per hour but can only fly for 9 minutes at a time, though this does reduce charging time to 25 minutes as opposed to the larger time required in previous iterations. Furthermore, the Cargo has a top-mounted module for carrying around small figurines while the Night has LED lights that provide night-time visibility and can be flashed on command.

    The Hydrofoil Drone, which is the aquatic model, uses an Airborne drone to help propulsion and as a first-person view camera. This specific model tops out at 6 miles per hour and can sail for only 7 minutes before running out of battery. The Airborne drone can also be detached for separate flight as well.

    As mentioned earlier, Parrot also appears to have updated its Jumping drones, which are known to leap as high as 32-inches into the air. Video from various onboard cameras can be captured to a 4 GB memory card and a speaker system that lets drivers broadcast as their own voice. Similar to the aerial models, the Night iteration has forward-facing LEDs and tops out at 5.3 miles per hour while the Jumping Race lacks lights but moves at a quicker 8 miles an hour.

    The prices range from $111 for the Airborne Cargo to $223 for one of the Jumping Drones. As of right now, Parrot has scheduled a UK press event for July 2nd where the company is set to reveal its final pricing and launch dates for all regions. It should be noted that each of the devices will be controllable through FreeFlight 3 available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Parrot did mention that it will be announcing its North American prices and launch dates later in June. We’ll just have to wait for more concrete information.

    Source: Eurozone, Stuffi via AppleInsider
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