• Appsidy Shuts Down

    Appsidy, the in-Cydia payment system alternative to the Cydia Store, is shutting down.

    Opened a little before Christmas 2009, less than half a year later marks the close of the Appsidy store. Recent Cydia updates addressing privacy (Appsidy used the UUID of your device to verify sales, as does the Cydia Store) broke Appsidy's ability to function well within Cydia, and after discussing the situation, they've decided to toss in the towel.

    Users who have purchased items through Appsidy will still be able to access those packages, either through Rock.app, or the Cydia Store should the developers/artists of those packages choose to move to Cydia Store. My inbox is flooded with folks asking to do so.

    In an email sent earlier today, Appsidy had this to say about previous purchases:

    There will be two options for users to obtain their previous purchases:

    1) Rock Store: Users using Google account/rock id -- These users will be able to login to Rock and simply install their package from there (assuming your package is available in the Rock Store).
    2) Cydia Store: Developers who migrate their packages into Cydia Store -- the Cydia Store will perform a lookup against our database and those who have purchased in the past will retain their license.
    So no one should lose anything.

    Rock.app is still around doing it's thing, but Appsidy is no more.
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