• Former Apple and Facebook Engineer Gets Hired at Pinterest

    Previously we mentioned that Apple and Tesla were fighting for similar employees, so it definitely means that they are looking in the right places. We’re sure those weren’t the only two companies looking for the same employees either. We also reported that Apple employees have hopped on over to work at giant tech company Google and vice versa. New reports claim that social media site Pinterest is looking to improve their mobile experience this year and has hired someone who used to work at Apple.

    Pinterest has announced that they have hired previous Apple and Facebook engineer, Scott Goodson to help the company’s app performance on a variety of platforms. When Goodson worked at Apple, he was one of the first ten engineers who helped gain popularity for the iPhone when working on iOS 1.0. Although he was not a high profile Apple employee, he was definitely of big help and contributed to the success of the iPhone.

    Goodson has worked on iPad settings, Public Transit for Maps, YouTube accounts, and was a head of tech for Game Center. He has also worked on the iPhone and iPad engineering team when he worked at Instagram. With his wide array of experiences, he could definitely help Pinterest create a better mobile platform.

    Source: Pinterest via TechCrunch
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