• Mayorships Reintroduced in New Swarm 2.5 Update

    Remember when checking-in on Foursquare and becoming the mayor of a specific location was THE thing to do a few years ago? But then they decided to move all check-ins to a standalone app called Swarm in March of last year and the fun sort of well…died down? But now, the latest Swarm 2.5 iPhone update has brought the mayor feature back. The feature is practically the same as it was when it was on Foursquare.

    Just to refresh the minds of those who forgot how the ‘game’ aspect worked, one has to check-in at a place more than anyone else within a 30-day time period. Each person only gets one check-in per day that counts towards his or her rank. At the end of the 30-day time frame, whoever has the most check-ins receives a new mayor crown and that’s how you win a mayorship. This feature of the app was arguably the best feature (and the only) feature worth checking-in for at the time.

    When Foursquare decided to veer away from the game aspect and focus more on discovery and recommendations (not too different from Yelp), many users stopped using the app. It then became more serious and less of a ‘game’ or competition between friends and even acquaintances. At the time, the app still provided ‘TIPS’ from users, along with the fun aspect of things.

    In order to download the free app, you will need 25.9mb of space on the iPhone or iPod and have iOS 7.0 or later on the device. Take a look at the release notes below:

    What's New in Version 2.5

    You've been asking, and they're finally back! Starting today, you can earn mayorships again! Just check in more than anyone else and you’ll unlock a brand new, shiny mayor crown. But watch out, because people will be trying to steal them from you.

    But what good is being a mayor if you can't brag about it? Now, when you earn a crown, unlock a sticker, or just are really really proud of your check-in, you can share it to Facebook or Twitter with a single tap.

    And we've got even more packed into this release. Update now to get in on the fun!
    Source: Swarm
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