• Kenwood Begins Shipping New CarPlay Dash Receivers, the DDX9902S and DDX9702S

    This past week, Kenwood began shipping two new dash receivers, the DDX9902S and DDX9702S, both of which are expanding aftermarket support for Apple CarPlay beyond the current Alpine and Pioneer units. Each of the Kenwood units have 6.95-inch resistive touch displays and features such as Bluetooth, HD Radio, HDMI input, SiriusXM compatibility and DVD playback. Users are able to hook up a rear-view camera and even natively control Pandora or iHeartRadio when a smartphone is connected.

    The biggest feature regarding these units though is the ability to swap between CarPlay and Android Auto on the fly. Users wonít even need a reset or even need to change any settings, a feature that Kenwood claims is exclusive to the products they have on the market.

    It should be noted that DDX9702S will run you roughly $900 and the DDX9902S will run you roughly $950. When it comes to the two, the latter is superior only in terms of improved audio features. To be more specific the preout voltage is increased from 4 to 5 and the graphic equalizer has 7 bands as opposed to 5. The 9902S also supports the aptX Bluetooth codec and enables CD-quality wireless audio.

    For any of you interested in CarPlay support, the Kenwood units may be a good pick, especially if you arenít bound to one platform or arenít certain about your future decisions. Furthermore, although the feature is said to rollout in multiple car models in the future, its current availability continues to remain quite limited.

    Source: Kenwood (1) (2)
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    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      Would've loved getting this but just bought a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk so it's a no go for me...
    1. kickerman65's Avatar
      kickerman65 -
      The question is, does it support the new cable-less untethered car play feature introduced in iOS 9. There are a few other manufacturers that already support carplay. But none of them, that I'm aware of, support untethered carplay.
    1. Sniper488's Avatar
      Sniper488 -
      You could always plug an Apple TV into the hdmi port and it would work that way if other doesn't....
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