• Update for VLC iOS App Adds Apple Watch Support Among Other Improvements

    On Tuesday, VLC released an update for its popular third-party media player application on the iOS platform. The updated application is available as version 2.6.0 in the iOS App Store and is available for free.

    The update brings the application official Apple Watch support, which allows you to use your Apple Watch to play media from your iPhone. This includes playback controls, media information, library browsing, and more are available on your Apple Watch to make using the iOS application even better.

    Additionally, a variety of new features and improvements to the application's stability and usability have been added. Below, you can view the full change log of today's update for VLC for iOS:

    What's New in Version 2.6.0
    ∙ Added support for Apple Watch - control VLC from your watch!
    - playback control
    - media info
    - library browsing
    ∙ Added mini-player to browse the library during playback
    ∙ Added support for looping playlists
    ∙ New ingest mechanism for audio files
    ∙ Improved remote command support
    ∙ Improved thumbnail generation
    ∙ Improved thumbnail and web interface performance on devices with A5 SoC and above
    ∙ Fixed crash when playing media from a folder or music album on iPad
    ∙ Fixed crash when app goes to background while a video is playing
    ∙ Fixed privacy leak when using a passcode to protect the library
    ∙ Removed stray popup announcing VLC's crash all the time while it actually
    didn't crash before, but terminated by the user
    ∙ Added support for password-protected PLEX shares
    ∙ Thumbnails displayed in the media library are updated to the last playback position
    ∙ Improved reliability when sharing media library on the local network
    ∙ Improved media library search delivering more accurate results
    ∙ Fixed 'crop to fill screen' on iPad
    ∙ Fixed issue which prevented downloading of a few files via UPnP
    ∙ Fixed crash when screen is being locked during playback
    ∙ A large number of bug fixes affecting most parts of the app

    Note: following a legal request, we had to remove support for the AC-3, E-AC-3 and MLP multi-channel audio codecs in version 2.4.0.
    If you're already a VLC user, then you can upgrade by visiting the App Store and opening the Updates tab, where the update will be waiting for you to install. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of VLC for free from this App Store link.

    Source: App Store
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    1. baRRy boRRis's Avatar
      baRRy boRRis -
      Well AC-3 support is still missing so I'll not bother updating. Very good then.
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