• PubNative Launches Native Advertising on the Apple Watch

    This morning, the team at PubNative, a mobile publisher platform, made a big announcement with regard to Apple Watch. The company is formally launching full support for native ads displayed on the Apple Watch.

    A statement provided to MMi notes that with PubNative's technology, publishers can bring native ads to Apple Watch.

    "The Apple Watch represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands as an unparalleled platform for user engagement," said Ionut Ciobotaru, PubNative's Co-Founder and Managing Director. "However, the amount of real estate available on the device is smaller than on a mobile screen, which can easily cause a disrupted experience. For this reason, native ads are the most, if not the only, suitable advertising option on the Apple Watch."

    Based on the buzz exhibited around today's announcement, publishers will be lining up to take this offering for a spin.

    Maurice Eisterhues, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TorAlarm, says "we are now in a position to offer brands premium ad placements to communicate with a very engaged audience, for both branding and rapid response campaigns."

    Although technology providers are finally ready for ads on Apple Watch, the real question is whether or not consumers are ready for that reality.

    Source: PubNative
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    1. luvmytj's Avatar
      luvmytj -
      Oh joy!
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      SpiderManAPV -
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      Carvensno -
      Well I only have 1 app sync'ed to my Apple Watch and that's it! Other than that? I don't need anything else on my watch running. Lol smh
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