• iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 Arrives

    Two weeks after iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3, developers will be busy digging through Apple's new release of iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4. On a rather consistent track record, Apple has been dishing out updates lately, the bi-weekly update comes as no surprise. Apple also sneaked out a Ma OS X 10.6.4 for Developers along side this release as well.

    And of course to no surprise, there are no documented changes that come along with this, so we'll have to wait for developers to leak out any changes they find along the way.

    Gizmodo has noted that this update seems to begin to take advantage of the folders and uses them by default now. The clock, calculator, compass, and voice memo apps are now sitting in a folder called Utilities. Makes sense, I kinda like that. Unfortunately I don't have access to the beta, so I will depend on you guys to dig further into the new update.

    iPhone OS 4.0 should be available "this summer", and one can only assume that a jailbreak will follow a few days/weeks afterward. Older devices will unfortunately not be compatible for the update, but there has already been rumors of people porting the OS over for backwards compatibility. Nonetheless, this still even means the old and some new devices, will not be able to use all the new features added.

    Any of you guys who have access to the Beta, please let us know if it's getting more stable.

    Image via Gizmodo
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