• Apple is Reportedly Reassigning Staff Members into its Secret Car-Related Project

    According to a recent report from the folks over at The Register, Apple’s secret automotive initiative appears to be creating tension within the company’s ranks as resource allotments are now gobbling up personnel from other divisions. The source familiar with the matter states that Apple is essentially reassigning workers to its car project at such a high rate that many department heads are beginning to bemoan the loss of talent.

    As of right now, the details behind the car initiative which has reportedly been dubbed Project Titan continue to remain unknown. Rumors are ranging from work on an automotive operating system to a full-fledged branded vehicle. Large staffing drains suggest that the work being done is one that is on a large scale, perhaps belying a move into a completely new sector.

    What we do know from before is that there are a number of buildings leased by Apple that don’t bear any signs but do hold car-related structures such as a garage, room for repairs and various research and development facilities. Furthermore, circumstantial evidence points towards an interest that Apple seems to have taken in electric vehicles as they poached high-level employees from battery technology company, A123. The lawsuit claimed that Apple illegally recruited top researchers at A123, which left the company’s research on high-performance, large format battery applications at a standstill.

    We’ll have to wait and see what’s going on but it appears to be something quite drastic, especially if various departments within Apple appear to be complaining about shifting talent from their team as well.

    Source: The Register
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