• Meet The Real iPhone Killer

    Designer Ronen Kadushin has designed the ultimate iPhone killer. And this one - unlike a plethora of smartphones that have promised to do the same - can actually obliterate any iPhone in its wake. Literally.

    Your iPhone will certainly be modified for good if you take this little beauty to your handset. Thanks to Kadushin - a designer with an obvious sense of humor - we can now enjoy an open-source mallet called the "iPhone Killer." And you guessed it. It's used for "killing" iPhones by smashing them to pieces. Sort of like "jailbreaking"... but with just the "breaking" part.

    Mocking the tired, overused buzz words common to the smartphone industry, the "iPhone Killer" was presented in Steve Jobs-like fashion by Mr. Kadushin and has quickly become a hot item of amusement across the blogosphere. "Whenever a new hand held device, or new exciting smartphone hits the market," said Kadushin, "a question roars through the internet, tech blogs and news: Is this the iPhone killer? I'd like to introduce you to the iPhonekiller... It's amazing... It is an open design, you can download it from my website, produce and use it."

    Kadushin, of course, is alluding to this big fat mallet that sports a laser-cut steel head attached to a sturdy wooden handle. I would imagine it's pretty effective at pulverizing an assortment of gadgets, but the look and feel just scream "iPhone."

    Image via dezeen
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