• NBA Forward Matt Bonner Blames Two-and-a-Half Month Injury on Bigger iPhone

    Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has broken many records ever since its launch and the larger 5.5-inch device was even known to bend in people’s pockets. However, it is definitely the first time we’ve heard the device give someone a season-changing injury. According to NBA San Antonio Spurs’ forward Matt Bonner, the athlete recently gave an interview where he called out Apple’s iPhone 6 in being the reason behind why he had a two-and-a-half month injury.
    Bonner noted in the interview:

    I hate to make excuses, I was raised to never make excuses, but I went through a two-and-a-half month stretch where I had really bad tennis elbow, and during that stretch it made it so painful for me to shoot I’d almost be cringing before I even caught the ball like, ‘Oh, this is going to kill. Everybody is going to find this hilarious, but here’s my theory on how I got it. When the new iPhone came out it was way bigger than the last one, and I think because I got that new phone it was a strain to use it, you have to stretch further to hit the buttons, and I honestly think that’s how I ended up developing it.
    Apparently, Bonner suffered from tennis elbow during the 2014-2015 NBA season and it became a distraction to him where it made it painful for him to even shoot. We’re not sure if we really believe that the iPhone is responsible for his injury, but at least he admitted that everyone would find it hilarious. We guess if you use your phone too much like Bonner said, it is possible, although not likely?

    Bonner did blame the iPhone being increased in size for his injury, as he had to reach further to touch the buttons on the device. It was noted that the Spurs training staff have seen this type of injury before, so we guess you can take this information with a grain of salt. What are your thoughts on this theory?

    Source: Yahoo
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    1. Magnum's Avatar
      Magnum -
    1. novadam's Avatar
      novadam -
      that is obscenely stupid
    1. echoes49's Avatar
      echoes49 -
    1. Brandon.amos's Avatar
      Brandon.amos -
      That sounds like a cop out to me. Unless all he does is play on his phone. But plenty of people do it all the time and don't get "injuries" like this.
    1. zplit's Avatar
      zplit -
      Lmaooooooo biggest BS ever [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
    1. Silverado1987's Avatar
      Silverado1987 -
      What a va#%na
    1. gldoorii's Avatar
      gldoorii -
      Do you even iPhone, bro?
    1. Al226's Avatar
      Al226 -
      LMAO!!! The bulls&$# is strong in this dude, idiocy at its best!!
    1. vinaygoel2000's Avatar
      vinaygoel2000 -
      Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola made huge phones before Apple and I never heard a story about injury caused by a huge phone. Only when Apple comes out with a huge phone.
    1. ChicagoV's Avatar
      ChicagoV -
      Obviously a joke... he's like 6'10" - he literally can use an iPad as a phone and not be inconvenienced.
    1. bigboyz's Avatar
      bigboyz -
      HA! Size does matter? Apparently.
    1. steve-z17's Avatar
      steve-z17 -
      Yes that is crazy! I use my iPhone 6 all day everyday and have never had any problems with reaching! If it was THAT bad why not use Reachability? It's on the phone for a reason!
    1. Bo Troxell's Avatar
      Bo Troxell -
    1. rolandgabor's Avatar
      rolandgabor -
      College grad or not athletes are just plain dumb. Maybe he was jerking too much.
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