• Mob Gets Busted For Peddling Fake iPhones

    Tony Soprano would not be proud.

    Italian customs agents announced today that they have effectively broken up a phony iPhone ring. The European sales network alluded to had become a vast market for fake Chinese-made iPhones. Neapolitan mobsters have reportedly made a killing - pun intended - selling the knock off devices. The phony iPhones, however, were also joined by other fake labels for brands like Bosch, Hitachi and Honda.

    The bust comes after Italian intelligence services had invested months of hard work and treasure following the next big counterfeit scheme by Italian mobsters. And sure enough, authorities were correct to watch the fake gadgets business. In recent years, drug trafficking has been of reduced interest to the mob due to the heightened attention and risk involved. Fake iPhones, however, seemed less conspicuous. But the mob miscalculated this time.

    Lt. Col. Luigi Acanfora acknowledged that a series of tips about counterfeit electronic goods being sold in Italy were ultimately responsible for the bust. "Each time they seized the goods, there weren't a lot of items, but they noticed the network was all over," Acanfora told the Associated Press.

    In true mobster-movie fashion, police intercepted phone conversations and successfully implicated two prominent crime clans of the Naples-based Camorra syndicate. As a result, more than a half-dozen suspects have already been detained in Italy, and authorities are also tracking two Italians outside of the boot who are also accused of selling the counterfeit products.

    Italian authorities said the crackdown was code-named "Gommorah."

    Image via frumsatire
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