• Another Video Calling Hint in Test Firmware?

    For those who have been waiting impatiently for video calling, there's one more clue suggesting that the long-awaited feature is coming on the next-generation iPhone. The Boy Genius Report - attributing it to a leak from "one of [their] Apple guys" - is showing screenshots purporting to be of an internal firmware test suite showing a debug mode for video calls.

    Video calling has been on many iPhone users' short list of functions that have been left out of the device. When the leaked fourth-generation prototype showed a front-facing camera, it was seen as vindication of rumors that had been swirling around for the past year or so. The supposed leaked screenshots are unsubstantiated of course, but it's kind of an odd screen to counterfeit... a clever faker would probably Photoshop an "iChat" screen or something.

    Video calling is pretty much a foregone conclusion, given all the rumors to date. What remains open to question is whether the functionality will be supported over 3G, or whether AT&T will throttle it. Stay tuned...
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