• White iPhone Spotted in the Wild

    In what is becoming virtually a daily occurrence, yet another set of photos purportedly showing next-generation iPhones has emerged from Asia. This time, what we're being showed is a pair of iPhones matching the Gizmodo prototype, including one device in white. The possibility of a white iPhone model was tipped last week when a Taiwanese site turned up what appeared to be a white replacement faceplate.

    The photos - of course - could not be authenticated and Apple has made no comment. The Apple Pro website, which displayed what it claimed was a white faceplate last week, showed an iPhone with the same faceplate apparently loosely attached: the plate is uneven and the white Home button can be seen somewhat recessed below it. Also, the phones shown appear to be identical to the prototype that Gizmodo bought last month: unlike the Vietnamese fourth-generation iPhone pictures, these models show screw holes at the bottom of the case.

    All currently shipping iPhones have the same full glass touchscreen with a black backing panel. In comparison, these purported phones - as well as the Gizmodo phone that Apple acknowledged is genuine - has an outer bezel surrounding the touchscreen.

    image via Apple.pro
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