• Google to Challenge Apple's iBeacon with Eddystone

    It goes without saying that beacon technology is hot and only getting hotter. As illustrated by the massive growth of Apple's iBeacon technology and its mainstream popularity, beacons are more than just a passing fancy. And Google knows it too.

    This week, the Internet search giant is busy showing off "Eddystone," its answer to iBeacon. And, not surprisingly, the open source, iOS and Android-ready Bluetooth LE beacon format is getting lots of attention.

    "The Eddystone specification includes a number of broadcast frame types, including Eddystone-URL, the backbone of the Physical Web," Google explains. "You can manage your beacons using the Proximity Beacon API, including adding attachments in the cloud and monitoring their health."

    All told, the possibilities are vast. And Google is understandably pumped.

    For additional insight on using the Proximity Beacon API or to register and update beacons, click here.

    Source: Google
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