• Steve Jobs Makes WWDC Promise

    Steve Jobs must have a lot of free time on his hands these days. Lately, the Apple chief has been quick on the draw and prompt to answer concerned inquirers via email. The latest example comes from our friends at MacRumors who shared a vulgarity-laden message from an Apple fan who wanted to know from Jobs if Apple's announcement at WWDC would be sufficient to blow Google and the Android team "out of the water."

    In response to the question, Jobs succinctly articulated that we "won't be disappointed." It's a bold claim that likely foreshadows the announcement of the 4th generation iPhone and echos previous promises by Apple's chief that the new iPhone upgrade will be "awesome" and far superior to previous models. And if the features and amenities anticipated for the next gen iPhone actually materialize, all the hype will certainly be validated.

    In recent weeks, however, there have been so many leaks and iPhone prototypes uncovered in the wild, that it has never been more difficult to assess the legit from the fake pieces of "news" circulating. But with only two weeks to go until the start of WWDC, the iPhone rumors will probably continue to fly - a situation we observed just this weekend with "photographic evidence" of the 4th generation iPhone being available in white.

    For now, all we know for sure is what Steve Jobs is apparently promising, and that's something big that won't "disappoint."

    Image via MacRumors
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