• TSMC Set to Mass Produce 10nm Chips by Early 2017, Reportedly On Pace to Beat Intel

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. recently announced that its 10-nanometer technology continues to remain on schedule, revealing that it is on track to mass produce its first 10-nanometer FinFET processors by early 2017, a timeframe that would put it ahead of its rival, Intel.

    If the company does remain on track, it will begin producing its own 10-nanometer chips in limited quantities in late 2016, ahead of mass production in early 2017. This means that the chips would be unlikely to appear in Apple’s 2017 iteration of the iPhone..

    For those of you who didn’t know, the current-gen 64-bit A8 chip is manufactured through a 20-nanometer process, which itself was a reduction from the previous A7 processor. It’s believed that TSMC is responsible for the majority of A8 chip production, even going as far as taking away some responsibility from Samsung, who was previously the exclusive manufacturer for Apple’s A-series processors.

    As of right now, Apple is rumored to have begun solidifying partners for its anticipated “A9” processor in late 2014, ahead of the anticipated September 2015 launch of a new “iPhone 6s” series.

    Speculation points towards the “A9” chip potentially using a 14-nanometer manufacturing process. In general, smaller processors tend to be more efficient, resulting in power savings that can allow devices like the iPhone to see improved battery life, even as the chips themselves become more powerful and capable. We’ll have to see how the whole situation with TSMC pans out but if all goes through, Samsung could be facing some trouble.

    Source: DigiTimes via AppleInsider
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