• Apple: 85% of iOS Devices Now Run iOS 8

    On Tuesday, Apple updated its online App Store statistics to reveal that 85% of the company's users are now running iOS 8. This figure represents all iOS users, old and new, as measured by App Store usage on Apple's devices.

    The 85% figure is a jump by 1% since the last change in the statistics. Sales of new iOS devices, as well as upgrades (forced or voluntary) are likely the culprits for propulsion of iOS 8 adoption. Fortunately for jailbreakers, Apple's latest firmware (iOS 8.4) is fully jailbreakable, and may have also added to the number of iOS 8 users.

    The other 15% of iOS users can be factored into iOS 7 users and iOS 6 & earlier users. iOS 7 users comprise of about 13% of the pie graph, while iOS 6 & earlier users comprise about 2% of the pie graph.

    Apple is getting ready to release iOS 8.4.1 to the public with bug fixes, as well as a much more significant iOS 9 upgrade this Fall, which will add new features, more battery life, and improve stability of the operating system as a whole. You can read our full list of the biggest features to come in iOS 9 at this link.

    Source: Apple
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      Running the public Beta of iOS 9. Must say, pretty happy with it!
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