• Apple Disables Ability to Leave App Store Reviews While Using iOS Betas

    Apple appears to have disabled the ability for iOS beta testers to leave reviews for applications on the iOS App Store in a move to prevent users from leaving negative feedback on applications that haven't yet been updated to work with Apple's pre-release operating systems.

    This will leave iOS developers happy because now those who upgraded to a pre-release firmware will no longer be able to bash applications on the iOS App Store and tarnish their ratings due to the fact that an application may or may not work on a version of iOS that isn't even on the market yet.

    For whatever reason, many of those on public betas of iOS 9 are somehow expecting their favorite applications to already be ready for iOS 9 well, that's actually the whole point of the beta in the first place; it allows developers to get their applications ready for the public release in the Fall. And as a result, those with the public beta program are somewhat abusing their rights to "test" the firmware by treating it as an actual public release that developers need to provide support for before it's actually mass-installed.

    Well, think again... this move shows that Apple is on the developers' sides and expects those on public betas to be mature enough to handle the responsibility of a firmware that is out for "testing" purposes only. Those expecting a solid firmware release should wait until the Fall...

    Source: MacRumors
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Apple Disables Ability to Leave App Store Reviews While Using iOS Betas started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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